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When Fortnite began its victorious March through the world, easily pushing into the shadow of its earlier competitors like The Culling, it seemed that here it is — the only and unique “Royal battle”, now and forever.
But no. A small modest game called Fortnite Battle Royale scored thirty million players faster than playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, although it appeared much later. What is the secret? And it’s very simple: here in addition to the things that we used to see in the normal Battle Royale (ie PUBG), there is a construction of the “big” Fortnite. And the game is free.
Here, perhaps, it would be possible to finish, but the creation of Epic Games at the same time has a bright graphic style, a much more compact card (and therefore a bet on the dynamics!), an Arsenal of simpler and General atmosphere of carefree madness. Do you want to fly a rocket? Please! Players, it turns out, this is very much like.
PvP of the year

And most importantly — this daring newcomer has nothing to lose. The game at all raised for a couple of months literally on your knee. Therefore, developers fearlessly experiment with their offspring. Recently they have introduced stunning mode 50×50, which many now need to add and PUBG.
Such Affairs!