3 mins read

The Last of Us Remastered Review

Remastering a Masterpiece Check out our original PS3 review here. Are you prepared to pay and play for the same game again? That is the question most players will come…..

4 mins read

Lucy Review

Unlocking your Potential Lucy was a film I had a great interest in due to its sleek and somewhat sophisticated premise that was comparable to a movie I thoroughly enjoyed…..

5 mins read

The Wolf Among Us Review

Telltale Games presents a dark fairy tale, where you have to find your own happily ever after. Telltale Games have a winning formula on their hands. An adherence to more…..

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The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Four Review

How Far We’ve Come Warning: spoilers for previous episodes below The latest episode from Telltale is excellent, delivering not only great exchanges and development for each of the characters in…..