Audio Technica Australia revealed a brand new line of gaming headsets during the Penny Arcade Expo Australia 2013. We get a quick look and hands-on with the ‘long-awaited’ new products on display.

The new line-up consists of two models: The ATH-ADG1 and the ATH-AG1 Premium Gaming Headsets. Each one sports the same specifications with the only difference being that the ATH-ADG1 is a Open-Air design while the ATH-AG1 has a closed cup design.


Both of the gaming headsets feature a 3-D Wing Support System which has been built from the ground up to ensure maximum comfort while playing. Putting on these headsets for myself, I can really see that Audio Technica has paid attention to one of the most important areas when it comes to gaming headsets as it really felt light yet securely fitted to my head.

The headsets also provide some of the best premium sound I’ve heard yet (from the quick test) which is expected from a company like Audio Technica. “No silly bs, just raw audio performance” the rep said. He wasn’t lying either. The sharp panel smacking into the concrete wall instantly blew me away – the accuracy of the 53mm drivers was unbelievable.


Other features of the headsets include a USB DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) engineered for the new line plus a ‘award-winning’ microphone. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t test the microphone as this part is always the weakest spot on gaming headsets but we hope Audio Technica brings their signature quality to this area.

So far the rep has revealed a October release date this year with a price of premium price of $299* in Australia. We can’t wait to get further hands on with this product. *Price TBC.

  • Nick

    I tried these both out at PAX Aus last weekend. Fantasic headset, certainly made me think about throwing some dough at one of these to upgrade from my Turtle Beach PX21’s ive been using the past few years – the build quality is sooo much better, more comfortable etc. As for sound its hard to compare without trying them side by side with the same game.

  • Evshrug

    I used to game with a pair of the famous purple ATH-AD700 headphones. Bass extension was the main weakness, and sometimes music would sound a touch dull, BUT it had the most believable soundstage and, like the article mentioned, sometimes the sound was so believable that while gaming I’d whip around because I thought something in my real room had made a noise.
    I hope that the DAC is of good quality, or at least removable, but if the DAC was also a surround processor like Astro’s Mixamp, Turtle Beach’s DSS, Tritton’s AX720 base, or Creative’s Recon3D USB (and other Sound Blaster products, my personal faves), then gamers are in for a treat of tactical accuracy and suspension of disbelief.