Our Aim at the Respawn Ninja

Respawn Ninja is an entertainment and video games culture company that are interested in delivering the coolest, most awesome content available to man on the internet. We talk about the latest news coming out of the entertainment area from video games to the latest movies while also giving our personal opinion in the review sector.

We are based in Sydney with contributors from Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Singapore.

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Advertising/Media Kit

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The Staff

Sydney Based Staff

Agus Sumardi-Berry – Manager/Events

Toby Berger – Sydney Events

Ben Campbell – Game Feature Writer

Jan Robert Martizano – Pop Culture Reporter

Chris Dagher – Sales/Advertising

Melbourne Based Staff

Tahlia Celenn – Melbourne Reporter

Jay Ball – Melbourne Management

Christian Spadez – Video Content Producer

Adelaide Based Staff

Rowland Norris – Editor

Brisbane Based Staff

Chris Norris – Feature Writer

Job Opportunities

Singapore – Video Game and Pop Culture Reporter

Sydney – Video Game and Pop Culture Reporter

Email: [email protected]