Respawn Ninja is an entertainment and video game focused website providing the latest news, previews, and reviews while churning out consistent feature and opinion articles that focus on the goings-on in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Founded in 2013 as TheGamersPad, the site quickly grew into Respawn Ninja with coverage and features on the latest games and entertainment culture. We have also attended major conventions in Australia such as PAX as well as the Tokyo Game Show.

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Agus Berry


Founder of Respawn Ninja. Editor for anything gaming, events and Japanese culture. Japan is his 2nd home.

Toby Berger


Lover of all things horror. Addicted to third person shooters, football games and Rock Band. Still can't believe The Last Guardian is coming.

Jayden Perry


Covers the latest in geek culture, indies and eSports. Has been known to play way too much DotA2.

Peter Du


Eating, Gaming, Sleeping. Gaming Person @SmashCon



Co-founder of Respawn Ninja. Gaming reviews contributor.

Chris N


A passionate and enthusiastic gamer who wishes to share his thoughts and opinions regarding current gaming titles, news and events.